wants you to be mad about its Rain Movies & TV Facebook page. To entice tourists to “like” it, is providing an amazing deal for any of Mad Men fans.

Saturday is Alice in Wonderland Night time. The Jonathan Stout Orchestra plays from 9 midnight. $35 night ticket. After hours live music from 1-3 AM with no Hi Fi Honeydrops!

“ER” won for Best tv drama our girl. The opposite nominees included “The Sopranos,” “The Twilight Zone,” “West Wing” and “Mad Men.” Christina Hendricks, who is in the cast of “Mad Men,” appears while on the special.

$165 – International (+ Hawaii & Alaska) rate – Complete weekend package, includes entrance to all classes, dances & competitions (separate competition fees may apply for people who in order to participate in the dance contest). This pass is for everyone flying in from another country or Hawaii or Alaska to go to Camp The movies. $175 at the house.

Warren Buffet said it best; “I always say you should get greedy when other people are fearful and fearful when others are greedy”. Now, cannot I don’t have a stocks to sell you. But, what I do have are free continued recommendations for starting a profitable business slowly, strategically and planned well to a bit of profit when everybody else is going green yet back again. Just like whisky, a vicious loop but making use of economy.

UPDATE: Amazon . has announced that Mad Men (Season 1, Season 2 or Season 3) become $9.99 each (Valid from 11/25/10 – 11/27/10) and thanks all the fans!

When the lights fade and also the camera stops rolling, Syliva Brown, John Edward and James Van Praagh leave the recording studio. The people they’ve advised are cutoff. Dangerous? Possibly. Commitment or drawing a line under?

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