Diverse and miscellaneous top 10 lists have always interested a lot of since younger years. Lists are means of organising our thoughts, of cataloguing our preferences and our dislikes and most notably of sharing our classification with certain people.

Try finding.The Office! Yes, gonna do it . title, and the little-known (stateside anyway) English predecessor for the American ones. If you can’t get provide power to Michael Scott and his bad boss antics, then you’re in lady luck! Ricky Gervais brings you a whole new batch of awkward comedy as David Brent, lower middle-manager of a paper supply merchant due to London. With a genius for borderline-painful comedy, Gervais remarkable cast of dead-end employees bring that dirt-dry English humor towards the modern workplace in the British version (think staplers stuck in jelly) of your Office.

“Dancing a concern . Stars” was voted optimum Reality Express. Nominees included”American Idol,” “Survivor,” “The Amazing Race” and “The Deadliest Bust.” Television personality Ryan Seacrest, who hosts “American Idol,” appears on the special.

The winner of Best TV Host was late night television icon Johnny Carson. Finalists included Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey, Carol Burnett and David Letterman. Comedian Carol Burnett appears around the “20/20” precise.

Sunday is tv drama capital, “Mad Men.” Casey MacGill from Seattle could be the special guest of the evening. $25 night price tag. After hours live music from 1-3 AM with Falty & The Camp Hollywood Quartet!

Celebrating sweet sixteen, Camp Hollywood unofficially begins on Thursday at Pasadena’s Lindygroove. After that, the action is in the LAX Marriott in with international dance instructors, live music and the national Jitterbug Finals. Classes in Lindy Hop, Shag, Balboa and other swing line dances are given at all levels, beginner to cutting-edge. There will be live music jams more than the hotel and other types of “spontaneous shenanigans.” And you don’t should have a car to obtain there. Out of your Los Angeles International Airport, there’s an opportune shuttle every 20 minutes to the Marriott.

The nominees were selected by a panel of Emmy Powerful actors, directors and producers, along significant TV correspondents. The “all star” panel included luminaries like actors Tim Allen, Valerie Harper (The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Rhoda) and Jimmy Smits, and producers/directors/creators Stephen Bochco, Mark Burnett, Norman Lear, Warren Littlefield, Chuck Lorre and Shonda Rhimes, among many women and men. More than millions of votes were then cast online by TV viewers.

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